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Frances Walton Competition & Outreach

Our annual competition and outreach program takes outstanding young artists to communities throughout Washington state for performance and educational outreach opportunities.

About the competition

The Frances Walton Competition is open to classical performers of piano, voice, strings and wind instruments. Four soloist awards of $3,000 are presented, and a small ensemble award from $3,000 to $12,000 ($3,000 per member of winning group). In addition, all finalists in the competition receive an award of $250 after performing in the live finals.

The competition finals are open to the public, and winners are presented in recital in Seattle on the evening of the finals. Both events are free of charge. In September, the winners participate in outreach tours, traveling in Washington state, presenting public recitals and visiting schools to perform and answer students’ questions about music.

2015 competition and tour dates

Application deadline for competition: March 31, 2015
Finals competition and winners recital: June 6, 2015
Tours for winners: September 13–18, 2015


Applicants must be between the ages of 20 and 35 (averaged age 20–35 for small ensembles) and either a resident of or a music student in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, or Montana.

Please see downloadable information for full details.

Guidelines & Application

Please e-mail, using the link below, with any questions you may have, before entering. The e-mail is checked daily. If you are unable to download from the web site, we can send the files to you as e-mail attachments, in either Word format or PDF format, or, upon request, via U.S. mail.

Contact our Frances Walton Competition committee


Solo Winners
Benjamin Adler, clarinet
Benjamin Adler, clarinet
Jeff Siegfried, saxophone
Jeff Siegfried, saxophone
Joshua Romatoski, flute
Joshua Romatoski, flute
Aaron Conitz, viola
Aaron Conitz, viola

Alternate winners

Ching-Yeuh 'Andrew' Chen, piano
Andrew Harrison, saxophone

Ensemble winner
Chapman Duo
Chapman Duo
Chloé Tardif, violin; Nickolas Kaynor, viola

Alternate winner

Equus Sax Quartet - Soren Hamm, soprano saxophone, Matt Birminham, alto saxophone, David Hoogkamer, tenor saxophone, David Decker, baritone saxophone

Here are our 2013 Awards Tour competition winners, selected on June 8.

Solo competition

Jacob Adams, viola
Jacob Adams, viola
Rachel Policar, soprano
Rachel Policar, soprano
Linda Tsatsanis, soprano
Linda Tsatsanis, soprano
Stefan Van Sant, clarinet
Stefan Van Sant, clarinet

Alternate winners are Douglas Kwon, violin and Elizabeth Yao, piano

Ensemble competition

Royce String Quartet
Royce String Quartet
Mira Khomik, violin; Leila Nassar-Fredell, violin; Din Sung, viola; Sean Fischer, cello

Congratulations to all!

Winners and Tour participants (by year)

Here are the Awards Tour winners in each instrument category since the competitions began.


Puget Sound Saxophone Quartet (2012): Joseph Bozich, Jamie Rottle, Chester Baughman, Chase Nicholson

Royce String Quartet (2013): Miroslava (Mira) Khomik, violin; Leila Nassar-Fredell, violin; Din Sung, viola; Sean Fischer, cello


Simon Shiao (1991), Adrianna Hulscher (1989, 1997), Sunny Lee (1993), Rachel Snow (1995), John S. Kim (1998), James Garlick (2006), Rebecca Hunter (2007), Jennifer Caine (2008), Melody Lee (2011), Jae-In Shin (2012)


Karie Prescott (1985), Scott Ligoki (1989,92), Charles Noble (1994), Mara Lise Gearman (2003), Zach Dellinger (2009), Jacob Adams (2013)


Wendy Parson (1985), Ian Ginsburg (1986), Elizabeth Simkin (1990), Darrett Adkins (1993), Parke Burgess (1994), Rajan Krishnaswami (1996), Julia Kostenko (1997), Kevin Krentz (2001), Jeffrey C. Wang (2003), Elinor Frey (2004), Brian Wharton (2007), Meta Weiss (2012)


Juliete Stratton (1990)


Hilary Field (1993), Michael Partington (1999), Michael LeFevre (2001), Luis Millan (2005)


Geisa Dutra (1985), Terry Spiller (1985), Yuka Sasaki (1986), Chi Ru Jou (1987), Monty Carter (1988), Anthony Padilla (1990), Matt Goodrich (1991), Peter Mack (1992), Sooyeon Kwon (1993), Helena Azevedo-Jordan (1994), Stef-Albert Bothma (1995), Nancy Im (1995), Sarah Chan (1996), Yuhri Hirata (1997), Alexander Tutunov (1998), Wendy Yamashita (1999), Yu-Ting Chen (2000), Dainius Vaicekonis (2000), Natalya V. Kalendarev (2002), Jeremy Samolesky (2002), Gustavo Andres Pelaez (2004), Mio Aoike (2005), Jeffrey Savage (2006), Tanya Karyagina (2007), Thomas Lee (2008), Eugenia Jeong (2009), Kay Zavislak (2010), David Brooks (2010), Rajung Yang (2011), Iejin Rhee (2012), Mayumi Tayake (2012)


Barbara Custer (1986), Heidi Lynn Grant (1987), Michaela Gurevich (1991), Jacinta Koreski (1992), Kelley Nassief (1994), Kathleen Taylor (1996), Song Kim (1999), Karen E. Urlie (2001), Anne Carolyn Bird (2003), Cristina Villareale (2006), Holly Boaz (2007), Megan Hart (2009), Rachel Policar (2013), Linda Tsatsanis (2013)


Melissa Plagemann (2004)


Jeffrey Francis (1989), Kerry Jennings (1998), Samuel J. Ludwig Rodarte (2002)


John Armstrong (1985), Philip Cutlip (1987), Keith A. Harris (1999), Charles Turley (2005)


Danielle Rangelle (1989,1991), Laurie Lake (1992), Darrin Thaves (2000), Jasmine Hedric(2001), Renée Baldridge (2008), Justin Lee (2010), Esther Fredrickson (2011)

Oboe/Oboe-English Horn

Shannon Spicciati (1997), Yuh-Pey Lin (2003), Alison Lowell (2008)


Megan Watson (2005), Jeffrey Brooks (2010), Stefan Van Sant (2013)


Kimm Brockett Stammen (1995), Rhett Bender (1998), Karen Roll Gardener (2000), Dana Booher (2009)


Daniel Helseth (1997), Jason Gilliam (2002)


Mark Babbitt (2004), Philip Brown (2006)


Curtis Peacock (2011)